FAdeA and Argentine AF need the IA-63 Pampa Serie III exports

As a situation of public knowledge, the recent Argentine Peso 30% depreciation after the general primary elections has taken a toll in the Argentine AF’s budget. Due to the impact of the new currency rate to the U.S. dollar, the Defense Ministry, according to the Ambito newspaper has cut on the requests for the Argentine AF to the Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA) from 4 to 2 IA-63 Pampa Serie III for this year. Also, a decision was made on provisions made on behalf of the production for the 5th aircraft to be delivered. This has come as blow right after the suspension of the purchase agreement with Guatemala for 2 with an option of 5 (which as you have seen have been temporarily absorbed by the Argentine AF) and the loss of those millions of dollars which are critical to FAdeA’s financial stress. Still, everything is not lost,
since the Aug 11th Guatemalan general election proved successful to
the official candidates and there are chances that following the inauguration, talks
could be in place to establish a renewed and streamlined acquisition process.

An opportunity for Argentina? The Dominican Republic looks for aircraft and radars.

According to a recent publication, The Dominican Republic is looking for more aircraft and air surveillance radars. Currently the AF holds a roster of 8 EMB-314 Super Tucano which are the spearhead of the DRAF, after the A-37 Dragonfly were taken out of service, they have no jet aircraft left. The main interest and hot spot are the operations of irregular air traffic, related to drug trafficking and smuggling with aircraft with origin in the vicinities of Colombia and/or Venezuela. Air defense roles are based upon information provided by radars integrated in a circuit, installed in the Las Americas and Punta Cana airports. Still, such radars are more related to an air traffic control function other than air surveillance and defense roles.

The argentine IA-63 Pampa won’t be sold to Bolivia, here’s why.

Yesterday, the newspaper Clarin published an article stating that any possible sales prospect of the IA-63 Pampa advanced jet trainers is under pressure by Israel and the U.S. considering Bolivia’s direct links with Iran.The fact is that Bolivia and Iran have just signed an agreement to provide “nanotechnology” for a military academy and Drones for counter-drug and smuggling operations. Although the actual drone which is to be purchased has not yet been disclosed, this is causing serious concerns on Bolivia’s neighbors and sets as the first Iranian drone export in Latin America. Israel and the U.S. are very annoyed by the fact considering their high-level lobbying and Mike Pompeo’s presence in the region to bolster anti-terrorist cooperation and the recognition of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization by Latin-American nations. Argentina and Bolivia have a very important gas trade and to this fact, Gustavo Lopetegui, the argentine Secretary for Energy, proposed that on any compensation required from the argentine state to the bolivian state, it could be paid by the export of IA-63 Pampa advanced jet trainers. This has been seen at first as an opportunity to provide new customers for the Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA), but such a salesmanship collided with the fact that it was not thorough in considering that the IA-63 Pampa has components made in Israel, U.K and U.S. which are subject to export approvals.

Guatemala halts purchase of IA-63 Pampa jet aircraft

Recent statements have put a halt on Guatemalan Air Force purchase of FAdeA’s IA-63 Pampa III jet trainers. The agreement, signed by both argentine and guatemalan presidents on July 3rd, 2019, has been contested by the guatemalan national controllership. The fact is that both governments made use of an update of an existing agreement to provide the legal framework in order to perform the operation. This would directly counter legislation on bids and purchases for the guatemalan state. With particular interest in next month’s general election ballotage, this did not go unattended.

Guatemala wants to buy two FAdeA’s IA-63 Pampa

According to sources both in the Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA) and the argentine government, the Guatemala Air Force is finishing up the details to buy two new IA-63 Pampa Serie III from Argentina. Several talks and high-level visits took place in the last two years for the agreement to come, according to the website Full Aviacion, the Guatemalan government set up an advance payment of 8 million USD and will cancel what’s due upon delivery of the aircraft, which is set for late 2019. No details are yet available on spares, support and training. These IA-63 will be replacing A-37 Dragonfly light attack / trainers, received from the U.S. in the 1970s. This comes as the first export client of the IA-63 Pampa and the first export aircraft of FAdeA in almost 30 years.

New announcements and updates on argentine IA-63 Pampas

President Macri should announce the air force’s request for three more aircraft, two new airframes and one conversion. This decision of continuing converting aircraft has been internally much debated considering the man hours needed for example to rewire the airframe compared to do so in a new airframe, directly affecting the possible output of this new assembly line.