Colombia issued an RFP for 15 Eurofighter Typhoon multirole aircraft.

Ivan Gonzalez, Sales Director for Combat Aircraft in Airbus Defence & Space, has confirmed that the Government of Colombia has issued a Request for Proposal of 15 brand new Typhoon Tranche 3 multirole fighters as published by Such a conversation is not new since other requests have been made since 2015.  

These aircraft have been offered with “no restrictions” and current operational status including CAESAR active electronically scanned array fire control. This agreement would be financed directly by the Spanish government, paying exactly what is paid by the Spanish Ejercito del Aire for each aircraft to the builder consortium.  

Logistics, Support and training would be also included as well as technology and know-how transference directly to the Corporacion de la Industria Aeronautica de Colombia (CIAC).

Colombia requests pricing on second hand U.S. F-16C/D

Colombia’s limited budget has constantly postponed the replacement of its frontline fleet. Many options have been considered before, even second hand spanish Eurofighter Typhoons but more of make belief than an actual serious replacement considering operational cost of these heavyweight aircraft. Israel reportedly has offered in different occasions its F-16A/B Netz fleet to Colombia but until now such offerings have been turned down.

¿are Damen’s SIGMA frigates about to take over Latin America?

Dutch shipbuilder Damen is walking hard in Latin America, about to deliver its first Reformador class frigate to the Mexican Navy and a serious contender in both Brazilian Navy Tamandaré and Colombian Navy PES programs for replacement of Niteroi class and Almirante Padilla class frigates respectively. SIGMA 10514 frigates, reduced in size and displacement but not in performance if the conditions were in place, could replace Peru’s Lupo class frigates and Argentina’s MEKO 360. These 105 meters and a 14 meter beam frigates are cost effective and in a high level of automation alternative. Indonesia and Morocco hold standard versions of these frigates and Mexico ordered a custom improved design with a 2 meter length difference in hold of new equipment and more powerful machinery. Considering the regional particular interest in Reformador class frigates, this article will make an educated guess and comparison with regional requirements and current capabilities.