French ex-president Hollande testified in Brazil’s FX-2 fighter jet probe

Former French President Francois Hollande was questioned by police in France earlier this month as a witness in a Brazilian corruption investigation into a deal to buy combat jets, a source close to the politician said. Hollande’s predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy refused to be questioned as part of the same probe, according to France’s Canard Enchaine newspaper, which first reported on Tuesday that the ex-presidents had been asked to testify in the affair. “The meeting did indeed take place,” the source close to Hollande said of the Socialist’s exchange with police on July 4. Sarkozy’s aides did not respond to a request for comment. The case centers on Brazil’s purchase of Gripen fighter jets from Sweden’s Saab in 2013, when Dilma Rousseff was in power.

Brazilian Institute of Advanced Studies uses 3d printing to build Scramjet engine components

The Hypersonic Aerothermaldynamics (EAH) division of the Institute of Advanced Studies (IEAv) related to Brazilian DCTA, started to use a 3D Fortus 900mc printer from Stratasys, to build laboratory models of hypersonic aeronautical engines. This new tooling provides a saving of approximately 250.000 Reales, around 62.000 dollars in production costs. This printer, which has a cost of 400.000 dollars, has been bought with funding of FINEP in 2015 and started to produce these components in 2016. Israel Rego, Chief of Ground Essays for the EAH, declared that the purpose is to optimize research and development also to speed up the time in updates and adjustments with reduced costs. IEAv currently produces three subsystems of that Scramjet engine for hypersonic wind tunnel tests.

Brazil’s first KC-2 Turbo Trader performs initial engine test run

The conversion and delivery of these aircraft will provide autonomous capabilities of aerial refueling of Navy’s AF-1 Skyhawks. Although much debated considering the recent decommissioning of its sole aircraft carrier A-12 Sao Paulo, these aircraft are to operate in support of the “Atlántico” LHD and its Type 967 Artisan radar.

First brazilian Scorpene to be launched in December

Riachuelo, first Scorpene class submarine of four to be built
in Brazil is set to be launched in December 14th. Three others will
be built in 18 months each until deliveries are completed in 2023. The first Brazilian
nuclear submarine is expected to be finished in 2028. These submarines are based on the French Scorpene submarine by a partnership between Naval Group and the Brazilian Navy. Built in the Itaguai Naval Complex, Rio de Janeiro state.

FAB once more tries to auction it’s retired Mirage 2000 fighters

Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has recently put for auction 11 Dassault Mirage 2000 fighters, 3 two seaters Mirage 2000B and 8 single seat Mirage 2000C. With ranging prices for each aircraft not in flying condition from 7.300 and 62.600 USD for a total 508.600 USD for the whole lot. The former French Air Force Mirage 2000's were acquired as stop gap fighters until the FX-2 program for F-5 and Mirage III fighters was determined, with SAAB and the JAS-39E/F as a winner. These second hand fighters operated for more than 10.000 hours between 2006 and late 2013. Source