The Argentine Army is looking for optical sights and NVG’s

OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES has made public bids 01/2019 and 02/2019 for
procurement of optical sights and night vision goggles, respectively. These
acquisitions are framed upon the Northern Integration Op. or OPINOR, of which
the armed forces are providing logistical and other support to security forces
deployments and patrols. PB 01/2019, is requesting 217 Vortex Solo 8x36 optical sights. PB 02/2019 is for 40 AN/PVS-7D Night Vision Googles, both of the PBs support infantry and special operations forces.

Argentine Army Aviation starts to overhaul its AB-206B1 and pushes for a scout conversion

Just recently, the Argentine Army Aviation and Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA)’s mechanics have begun to overhaul the AB-206B-1 helicopters received from the Italian Carabinieri a few months ago. The helicopters were out of service for years and became exposed to the open weather once the argentine agreement started to stall and the hangar was vacated. None the less, an agreement was signed and this generated the needed traction for the transfer process to start. Of these 20 aircraft, one is still in Italy which was used to perform on the job training for this overhaul and the other 19, already in Campo de Mayo Airstrip, are being sent in batches to Cordoba for the works to start. 5 of these will be transferred to the Gendarmeria Nacional Aviation Service and the other 15 will remain in the Army.