Argentine Marines buy equipment, sights and spares in the U.S.

This purchase addresses a much delayed need both for spares and upgrades of such machine guns, probably now in the spotlight due to the current Argentine Navy Chief of Staff, a Marine. The quantity of these acquisitions has not yet been disclosed, but is also expected that the same decision is to be replicated in the Argentine Army, also with MAG 58’s in service.

New announcements and updates on argentine IA-63 Pampas

President Macri should announce the air force’s request for three more aircraft, two new airframes and one conversion. This decision of continuing converting aircraft has been internally much debated considering the man hours needed for example to rewire the airframe compared to do so in a new airframe, directly affecting the possible output of this new assembly line.

Brazil’s first KC-2 Turbo Trader performs initial engine test run

The conversion and delivery of these aircraft will provide autonomous capabilities of aerial refueling of Navy’s AF-1 Skyhawks. Although much debated considering the recent decommissioning of its sole aircraft carrier A-12 Sao Paulo, these aircraft are to operate in support of the “Atlántico” LHD and its Type 967 Artisan radar.

Colombia requests pricing on second hand U.S. F-16C/D

Colombia’s limited budget has constantly postponed the replacement of its frontline fleet. Many options have been considered before, even second hand spanish Eurofighter Typhoons but more of make belief than an actual serious replacement considering operational cost of these heavyweight aircraft. Israel reportedly has offered in different occasions its F-16A/B Netz fleet to Colombia but until now such offerings have been turned down.

Argentine and U.S. Special Operations troops get ready for the G20 Summit

Just a few days from the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, argentine and U.S. troops are coordinating efforts to tackle any possible conflicts or attacks on this reunion of the 20 most relevant governments and leaders of the world. Mass media has reported that 1000 U.S. Government operators, being intelligence, Secret Service and Special Operations Command have converged in Buenos Aires to guard every inch of president Trump’s schedule. Other than VH-60N, “Marine One” helicopters, has come to our attention that the U.S. has deployed 4 MH-60M+ helicopters from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment and 100+ Company troops in support of government officials, ready to be called in if necessary. This comes within a new defined context of urban threats, which has been in SOCOM’s crosshair since Trump´s inauguration in 2016 and therefore many exercises have been made consequently in large U.S. cities. Media reports have confirmed that argentine special troops from the Army, Navy and Air Force will be also in alert with Rapid Deployment Force (Fuerza de Despliegue Rapido, FDR) ready to be mobilized with support of the 601 Helicopter Batallion.