Tamandare class corvettes purchase contract heats up in Brazil

A few days ago, the Correio Braziliense published that the contract that the Brazilian Navy and EMGEPRON, subscribed with Aguas Azuis, a joint venture by EMBRAER and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), to build the Tamandare class corvettes is under the investigation of the Tribunal de Contas da União, Brazilian state accountability office. Pernambuco state shipbuilders, as in their metalworker’s union, protested the agreement with the TCU. This is to build four Tamandare class corvettes (CCT) with deliveries between 2024 and 2028 for 5.500 million Reales, approximately 1.4 billion U.S. dollars. This union claims that the contract chose an unqualified company to build them. Supporting also the need of scrutiny under current corruption allegations worldwide for both EMBRAER and TKMS.

The selection of the Oceania Shipyard would be a direct conflict of interest to the fact that BNDES, who is funding the entire project, has a 20% share on the CBO Group, owner of Oceania.

Argentina turned down the offering of a former ROK navy Ulsan class frigate

Upon ever increasing relations between both nations, South Korea offered an Ulsan class frigate to the Argentine Navy. After serious consideration, Argentina turned it down, as published by the newspaper Ambito. Some of the official reasons state the complexity in the maintenance of such a propulsion system, which is not in use in the Argentine Navy, and the high costs of bringing the ship from across the world. The Argentine Fleet uses Rolls Royce engines with a high standard of availability and reliability and no serious incidents for over 40 years. While the General Electric LM2500 of the Ulsan class can be maintained by several private companies in Argentina, it is not in the Navy’s interest to acquire them yet.

Argentine Navy prepares to receive ARA Bouchard and scraps part of its fleet.

The Navy’s CiC Admiral Jose Luis Villan and the Chief Naval Attache in Europe, Captain Marcelo Angel Valverde have visited Naval Group’s facilities while L’Adroit is being refitted for argentine service as published by Gaceta Marinera. They have been briefed on current status for works being done on L’Adroit to enhance ship’s resistance for antartic deployment and other mission equipment replacements. Vessels 2 and 3 are already being built in Piriou and Kership Lorient respectively. Four OPV’s in total are to be delivered until 2023. Villan upon its arrival in France, visited Bormes Les Mimosas, place of birth of the argentine naval hero, Hipolito Bouchard.

Argentina struggles with its P-3 fleet and hopes for surplus P-3Cs

Argentine Naval Aviation Command is struggling to keep their P-3B fleet operational, one of two serviceable aircraft has been sent for Planned Maintenance Interval (PMI) to the Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA) and the other continues to have little flying hours based on limitations of its airframe. The 50 year old P-3B TACNAVMOD “SuperBee”, 6-P-56, had been inspected by a Lockheed Martin commission which advised for spar replacements. A bid was placed and OGMA was selected to perform these works in FAdeA in late 2015. As sources state, OGMA is now in conflict with Lockheed Martin and in jeopardy to lose its certification if it has not already. This comes in conjunction with a budget reduction which left the aircraft unfinished at approximately 72% of completion, as Full Aviacion recently reported.

Brazil launched its first locally built S-BR submarine

In the afternoon of Dec 14th. Itaguai Construcoes Navais (ICN) launched the first locally built Riachuelo class submarine for the Brazilian Navy. The S-BR project within the PROSUB, submarine construction plan, came to shape after a strategic agreement between Brazil and France more than a decade ago. A new base and shipyard has been built in Itaguai, near the Brazilian nuclear research and development facilities both existing and new, to build 4 diesel electric submarines and one nuclear. DCNS, now Naval Group, was selected thus to provide the basic engineering for both conventional and nuclear projects.

Argentine Marines buy equipment, sights and spares in the U.S.

This purchase addresses a much delayed need both for spares and upgrades of such machine guns, probably now in the spotlight due to the current Argentine Navy Chief of Staff, a Marine. The quantity of these acquisitions has not yet been disclosed, but is also expected that the same decision is to be replicated in the Argentine Army, also with MAG 58’s in service.

Brazil’s first KC-2 Turbo Trader performs initial engine test run

The conversion and delivery of these aircraft will provide autonomous capabilities of aerial refueling of Navy’s AF-1 Skyhawks. Although much debated considering the recent decommissioning of its sole aircraft carrier A-12 Sao Paulo, these aircraft are to operate in support of the “Atlántico” LHD and its Type 967 Artisan radar.