Does the MIG-35 stand a chance in the Peru AF?

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Following the Cenepa air war between Ecuador and Peru in 1995, the Peru AF purchased from Belarus, 16 MIG-29S and 2 MIG-29UB, which were completed in 1999 with three MIG-29 SE more. Being among the most advanced and powerful fighters in Latin America until the deployment of the Chile AF’s advanced F-16’s -mostly in response to them- and the Venezuelan Su-30MK2’s.

Considering the fact that they were not directly purchased to the Russian Federation, a logistics and support agreement was needed but still, relations improved and an agreement to convert 8 aircraft into the SMP standard was signed in 2008. Although not so extensive as the SMT versions, the SMP standard turned to improve both existing avionics and the aircraft’s human/machine interface and also to replace obsolescent components. A complete overhaul and an air to air refueling probe was integrated to the selected aircraft.

According to news during SITDEF 2019, Russian officials proposed to the Peru AF to incorporate more MIG-29’s to their inventory. But could this be the only proposal? Malaysia has been offered the newest MIG-35S -from the new serial production line- upon a Russian interest to purchase and resell the Malaysian MIG-29 airframes, most likely to India.

Such a proposal would be interesting, considering two factors, one in being the reduced retooling needed by the Peru AF to adapt their equipment to this airframes and also a relatively proportional answer to the upcoming neighboring fighters, Brazil’s SAAB JAS-39E and Chile’s intended upgrade of their F-16 fleet to the F-16V standard.

Let’s not forget the fact that Peru did not have until now the necessary budget as to replace or upgrade also their Mirage 2000P’s and based on the intention to support two complementary logistical lines, another aircraft’s selection could also be in place, but, can the peruvian finances oblige?

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