SAAB pushes for the Colombian fighter contract and offers more

SAAB expects to have an answer from the Colombian AF in late 2019 or early 2020. Although the actual interest of the AF is for twin engine multirole fighters, budget restraints -being among the largest defense expenditures in Latin America- would turn this interest towards the Lockheed Martin’s F-16 Block 70 or SAAB’s JAS-39E “Gripen”

Long live the IA-58 Pucara

Next October 4th, the Argentine AF will phase out its IA-58’s in a ceremony at the Reconquista AB. This will close a 44-year service span of the argentine designed and built aircraft. The Pucara have been exported to Colombia, Uruguay and Sri Lanka.

Does the MIG-35 stand a chance in the Peru AF?

Following the Cenepa air war between Ecuador and Peru in 1995, the Peru AF purchased from Belarus, 16 MIG-29S and 2 MIG-29UB, which were completed in 1999 with three MIG-29 SE more. Being among the most advanced and powerful fighters in Latin America until the deployment of the Chile AF’s advanced F-16’s -mostly in response to them- and the Venezuelan Su-30MK2’s. Considering the fact that they
were not directly purchased to the Russian Federation, a logistics and support
agreement was needed but still, relations improved and an agreement to convert
8 aircraft into the SMP standard was signed in 2008. Although not so extensive
as the SMT versions, the SMP standard turned to improve both existing avionics
and the aircraft’s human/machine interface and also to replace obsolescent
components. A complete overhaul and an air to air refueling probe was integrated
to the selected aircraft.