SAAB offers to Chile JAS-39 C/D MS20’s

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According to Infodefensa, a government publication informed that on June 12, SAAB AB representatives met with the General Rafael Carrere of the FACh Logistics Command.

Although no numbers on quantity or price have been given, the detail states that an offer was made to the Chile AF for JAS-39 C single seat and JAS-39D two seat multirole fighters. These were offered in the MS20 standard, which implemented both hardware and software improvements. SAAB might be offering both new and surplus JAS-39C/D aircraft.

The major one in hardware is the integration of the MBDA Meteor BVR missile and the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB). Other updates include a CBRN protection for the pilot and the crew, software defined upgrades for Link16 and MIDS and a Ground Collision Avoidance System (GCAS).

Chilean Vortexxx magazine has disclosed that this offer should be to replace the F-5E/F Tigre III aircraft, since the entire F-16 fleet is intended to be converted to the F-16V standard by the FACh.

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