A Casa 212-200 from the Uruguayan AF had a fire before taking off.

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On Aug 16th, aircraft FAU 534 from the Uruguayan Air Force was about to take flight from the Durazno AB, home of the II Air Brigade, when both of its TPE-331 engines caught fire.

According to an official statement issued on the same day, AB firemen rapidly extinguished it. A military accidents investigation board was sent to the scene. Although no official conclusions have been published, El Acontecer newspaper indicates that this fire was caused by an electrical failure.

Still, in 2017 an Airworthiness Directive was issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency that investigated the fire of a Casa 212-EE of the Spanish Air Force in which interference of a fuel pipe and a bleed tube caused a leakage. After that, vapored fumes and a hot surface ignited the air. Another Casa 212-200, of the Argentine Army Aviation, Aircraft AE-266 was repaired one year ago in the Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA) right after electrical system failures were found, equipment and avionics were calibrated, engines checked, and some seals were also repaired that affected its tightness.

Even though the FAU recently purchased spares, supplies and consumables to support its Casa 212 fleet, the FAU’s Chief of Staff has stressed the need for funds for depot level maintenance to be performed.

Main photo: POA Spotter

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