Uruguayan Defense Minister and a presidential candidate clash over Plane Shoot-down Bill

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The Uruguayan Defense Minister, Jose Bayardi, has contested the presidential candidate Luis Lacalle Pou’s proposal to issue a Plane Shoot-Down bill. Bayardi declared that “whoever advised him doesn’t know what it means, or the candidate misunderstood”.

During a press conference, this Saturday, Lacalle Pou insisted on the necessity to issue such a bill and recognized it as urgent and one of his main interests if elected. “I know it’s a complex bill, we’ve discussed it nationwide and abroad, it will serve as a deterrence mechanism for drug trafficking” and further more “in such countries where it has been implemented, it determines three steps that ultimately rely on an executive decision by the President of the Republic”.

Bayardi replied that such a crazy argument relates more to an election interest other than actual defense requirements. Lacalle Pou asked for more budget for the Air Force and the Navy and declared that drug smugglers evade radar detection and interception by flying below the radar coverage, which are also very few.

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