The Argentine Army is to receive self-propelled artillery, trucks and weapons

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There has been some reactivation on the Argentine Army’s past years plans for various purchases in the U.S., with particular interest on 36 M109A5 self-propelled howitzers. After a Joint Visit Inspection, these surplus M109A5 will be or have been refurbished before being transferred to the Argentine Army as Excess Defense Articles proceedings state. These self-propelled howitzers were long offered until actual negotiations took place and moved forward in 2017, as FMS case AR-B-IAS. Most likely these are to replace the AMX F3 self-propelled howitzers which have been taken out of service a few years ago. The M109A5 in different versions is also in use by the Brazilian and Chilean armies.

The original acquisition cost for the U.S. Army was of 33.238.296 U.S. dollars and would be sold to Argentina at a value of 5% of this cost, according to current program definitions: “When EDA is sold, the price is a percentage of the original acquisition value, based on age and condition, and ranges from 5% to 50% of the original acquisition.” E.g. on this case, 1.6 million U.S. dollars.

A new batch of Oshkosh MTV has been requested as in FMS case AR-B-UYC, some of them have been recently delivered and presented. These trucks have been purchased using reimbursements by the U.N. on Peacekeeping Operations or PECOM, still, no actual variants specifications and quantities, of this operation in particular, have been disclosed yet.

M240 light machine guns are also included, the specifications if new or surplus and quantities have not yet been disclosed but this is a 1.34 million U.S. dollar deal. Still, we could speculate on the fact that this might be considered to replace the FN FAP, a heavy barrel version of the FN FAL. “A heavy barrel version, known as the FAP (Fusil Automático Pesado, or heavy automatic rifle) was also produced for the armed forces, to be used as a squad automatic weapon.”

Update 08/14 12am, first version of the article said "These M240's might also be the recipients on the bidding request of 217 Vortex Solo optical sights, as we recently published." but this is not correct since they are monoculars and not sights.

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