The Argentine AF bought 8 Tecnam P2002 JF light aircraft

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In recent days, the Argentine Air Force acquired 8 Tecnam P2002 JF light aircraft from Aerotec Argentina, a distributor of Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam. The AF has been leasing the P2002's since 2016 for basic training in the Military Aviation School in Cordoba. Recent news calculated the amount of the operation of approximately 1.5 million U.S. dollars, still no official statements have been made yet.

According to Tecnam: “The Argentine Air Force required that the Tecnam P2002JF CS/VLA would have a package of equipment and avionics superior to the standard civil version in order to extend the original capacities of the aircraft. Known as “Glass Cockpit + Night VFR“, This includes the Garmin G500 PFD digital instrument panel, an integrated GTN 650 COM / NAV / GPS navigation and communications system with antennas and instrumentation, speedometer and back altimeter, heated pitot, instrument lights and maps, dimmer and auxiliary alternator.

The aircraft were supplied with Airworthiness Insurance (hull coverage, crew, transported third parties and damage to third parties on the surface) and total guarantee of structure, engines, propellers and avionics provided by their respective manufacturers (Tecnam, Rotax GmBh, Hoffman Propellers and Garmin).”

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