U.S. to provide four maritime surveillance radars for the Colombian Navy

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As published by Infodefensa, Erich Saumeth reported on the current provision of four Kelvin Hughes SBS-900 maritime surveillance radars to be installed by Northern Defense Industries on U.S. counter-drug funding. Sources indicate that at a cost of over 8 million U.S. dollars.

These installations will be deployed in Jurado, Solano Bay, Pizarro and Gorgona Island. They will be integrated within the SICTVM, The Navy’s surveillance and traffic control system, to support Naval Pacific Force responsibilities on Jurado, Solano Bay, Pizarro and Gorgona Island.

Such radars will improve the capabilities of the Colombian Navy in countering go fast boats, semi submersibles used for drug trafficking and smuggling by organized crime and armed groups.

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