The Argentine Army is looking for optical sights and NVG’s

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The ARGENTINE MILITARY ATTACHÉ’S OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES has made public bids 01/2019 and 02/2019 for procurement of optical sights and night vision goggles, respectively. These acquisitions are framed upon the Northern Integration Op. or OPINOR, of which the armed forces are providing logistical and other support to security forces deployments and patrols.

PB 01/2019, is requesting 217 Vortex Solo 8x36 optical sights. PB 02/2019 is for 40 AN/PVS-7D Night Vision Googles, both of the PBs support infantry and special operations forces. The Argentine Army has already the PVS-7 and variants in service for a long time, 7D is a 3rd Gen update such as the more advanced AN/VIS-6 NVG’s already in service in the Army Aviation.

OPINOR is currently the only source of new equipment for the Army and the main interest for the Ministry of Defense. Military sources welcome the acquisitions but considering the bulk of NVGs in service, calibrating equipment is necessary to provide the required annual support for this gear.

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