Argentina turned down the offering of a former ROK navy Ulsan class frigate

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Upon ever increasing relations between both nations, South Korea offered an Ulsan class frigate to the Argentine Navy. After serious consideration, Argentina turned it down, as published by the newspaper Ambito.

Some of the official reasons state the complexity in the maintenance of such a propulsion system, which is not in use in the Argentine Navy, and the high costs of bringing the ship from across the world. The Argentine Fleet uses Rolls Royce engines with a high standard of availability and reliability and no serious incidents for over 40 years. While the General Electric LM2500 of the Ulsan class can be maintained by several private companies in Argentina, it is not in the Navy’s interest to acquire them yet.

Naval experts also take notice that the Ulsan class frigates are very tall ships and would be very unstable in southern seas, although they could be a good source for spares to support the Argentine Navy legacy combat systems.

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