Argentine Navy prepares to receive ARA Bouchard and scraps part of its fleet.

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The Navy’s CiC Admiral Jose Luis Villan and the Chief Naval Attache in Europe, Captain Marcelo Angel Valverde have visited Naval Group’s facilities while L’Adroit is being refitted for argentine service as published by Gaceta Marinera.

They have been briefed on current status for works being done on L’Adroit to enhance ship’s resistance for antartic deployment and other mission equipment replacements. Vessels 2 and 3 are already being built in Piriou and Kership Lorient respectively. Four OPV’s in total are to be delivered until 2023.

Villan upon its arrival in France, visited Bormes Les Mimosas, place of birth of the argentine naval hero, Hipolito Bouchard. A ceremony to commemorate him was the place to communicate that L’Adroit is to be christened as ARA Bouchard. The former ARA Bouchard was an Allen M. Sumnner class destroyer which operated in the Argentine Navy between 1972 and 1985 when it was replaced by MEKO 360H2 “Almirante Brown” class frigates.

The Argentine Navy by incorporating these four OPV’s is scraping the three, also French built, A-69 corvettes. Incorporated in 1978, the A-69’s have served as OPV’s since the year 2000. Only one of them, ARA Granville, is in active service. ARA Drummond and ARA Guerrico are out of service, pending their decommission. Upon the incorporation of Neftegaz class tugs in late 2015, four WWII tugs are being decommissioned.

Upon incorporation of tugs and OPV’s, related to current interest in protecting natural resources and search and rescue operations. Many criticisms have been made public on what’s considered to be lost in actual firepower of a naval force compared to roles and vessels more suitable for a Coast Guard.

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