Guatemala halts purchase of IA-63 Pampa jet aircraft

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Recent statements have put a halt on Guatemalan Air Force purchase of FAdeA’s IA-63 Pampa III jet trainers. The agreement, signed by both argentine and guatemalan presidents on July 3rd, 2019, has been contested by the guatemalan national controllership.

The fact is that both governments made use of an update of an existing agreement to provide the legal framework in order to perform the operation. This would directly counter legislation on bids and purchases for the guatemalan state. With particular interest in next month’s general election ballotage, this did not go unattended.

Some speculate actual intervention by drug cartel’s influenced politicians and not other competitors to protest the purchase that would provide an actual capability to perform air policing and light attack in replacement of GAF’s A-37 Dragonfly.

Argentine officials have expressed their hopes to resume the agreement while expressing their due compliance to both countries law but are also prepared to take legal action if necessary. Considering the current jet trainer and light attack market opportunities, most likely a new competition would still have high hopes for FAdeA’s aircraft.

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