Peru and Russian Helicopters open a Regional Maintenance Center in SEMAN.

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Peruvian Air Force and Russian Helicopters have announced the inauguration of a regional maintenance center for Mil helicopters. Peruvian and Russian representatives have stated the importance of this center, the first in Latin America after attempted and failed initiatives.

Over the past decade, an agreement was subscribed between the Russian Federation and Venezuela for a similar Regional Maintenance Center to be established, but after years of waiting and several convictions related to corruption in both countries, this never materialized.

Peruvian Air Force SEMAN’s is in its early stages of setting it up with a view to support and maintain Mil helicopters with authorization of Russian Helicopters. With freight and time costs that were very high for regional operators of Mi-8, 17 and 171. These military and police forces are certified for light maintenance and check but depot level maintenance until now had to be done exclusively by sending the aircraft to authorized centers in Russia or relying on third party contractors which were in conflict with the manufacturer.

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