Brazilian Institute of Advanced Studies uses 3d printing to build Scramjet engine components

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The Hypersonic Aerothermaldynamics (EAH) division of the Institute of Advanced Studies (IEAv) related to Brazilian DCTA, started to use a 3D Fortus 900mc printer from Stratasys, to build laboratory models of hypersonic aeronautical engines. This new tooling provides a saving of approximately 250.000 Reales, around 62.000 dollars in production costs. This printer, which has a cost of 400.000 dollars, has been bought with funding of FINEP in 2015 and started to produce these components in 2016.

Israel Rego, Chief of Ground Essays for the EAH, declared that the purpose is to optimize research and development also to speed up the time in updates and adjustments with reduced costs.

IEAv currently produces three subsystems of that Scramjet engine for hypersonic wind tunnel tests. Compressor, Combustor and the acceleration pipe. The combustor is built on ULTEN 9085 resin and the pipe with PC-ABS material. In 2019 they will start to build a full scale, working, protoflight test engine.

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