Argentina looks for PT6 engine parts in the U.S.

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As published by the Aeronautical and Naval Logistics missions, Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 parts and spares are being looked for EMB-312 Tucano and T-34C-1 training aircraft. The EMB-312 Tucano are currently being replaced by T-6C Texan II aircraft and taking a new role in complementing IA-58 Pucara light attack aircraft in northeastern patrol roles as these are being phased out. These air patrols against irregular air traffic are of considerable political interest in the last 10 years considering the focus on supporting fight against drug trafficking and smuggling.

T-34C1 Turbo Mentors are the main operating aircraft in the Naval Aviation, considering the low availability of other aircraft and the demand to train new naval aviators. These are extensively used both for school and for pilots to maintain their qualifications. They have received a renewed interest considering intents to upgrade their avionics and the possibility to complement them with surplus U.S. Navy aircraft. T-34C1’s have been deployed in the 1982 South Atlantic Conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom and successfully evaded Sea Harrier Combat Air Patrols when engaged.

Argentine Naval aviation hopes for a rebirth on the purchase of decommissioned Dassault Super Etendard aircraft from French Aeronavale to recap as much as possible of 10 existing Super Etendards in argentine inventory. While this renewed AsuW capability, much debated by the lack of an aircraft carrier, outdated AM-39 missiles and more and more reducing defense budget.

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