For the third time, Russia sends Tu-160 bombers to Venezuela

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The Russian Federation has deployed two Tu-160 bombers, one week after a meeting in Moscow between the russian defense minister, Sergei Shoigu and its venezuelan counterpart, Vladimir Padrino Lopez. This took place in the context of the official visit of President Nicolas Maduro to Vladimir Putin in order to renegotiatie due debt payments and new agreements to take place.

This is the third time that the Russian Federation has deployed such bombers to Venezuela. First in 2008, then 2013 and now. They are capable of deploying both conventional and nuclear ordinance, recently have participated in russian air strikes in Syria with Kh-101 cruise missiles, in support of government forces against rebels. This being their first combat use.

These Tupolev cold war bombers have landed this Monday Dec 10th in the Maiquetia Airport, outside Caracas, after a non stop flight of 10.000 kilometers. It has not been disclosed yet if they were carrying any weapons or how long will they stay in Venezuela.

They were accompanied by a AN-124 Ruslan heavy transport and a Il-62 aircraft.

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