New announcements and updates on argentine IA-63 Pampas

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President Mauricio Macri was in the Fabrica Argentina de Aviones (FAdeA) presenting the newly built three IA-63 Pampa Serie III to the Argentine Air Force, these aircraft with tail numbers A-700, A-701 and A-702 were only be presented since they´re not ready to be delivered.

While this is a positive outcome of the much debated shut down of this Cordoba based plant, their future is still uncertain. Commercial contracts are still limited and early retirement proposals are yet being presented to veteran personnel. On the context of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, much has been rumored to be agreed between Argentina and other participating nations but nothing has materialized as of yet. The sign of agreements does not constitute any binding documents, and proof of that is the quantity of these have been signed in the last decade already but far from taking actual place.

Has come to our attention that during this presentation, President Macri should announce the air force’s request for three more aircraft, two new airframes and one conversion. This decision of continuing converting aircraft has been internally much debated considering the man hours needed for example to rewire the airframe compared to do so in a new airframe, directly affecting the possible output of this new assembly line.

Remembering the issue with the canopy embrittlement fragmentation charges we discussed weeks ago, the Argentine Air Force has opened an international bid in the U.S., 07-2018, for 15 sets of new charges. But it is unclear whether these will be for new aircraft of both used and new.

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