Brazilian Navy successfully tests indigenous MANSUP missile

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On Tuesday Nov 27th, the Brazilian Navy test fired a MANSUP anti-ship missile prototype, 200 miles off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. This was made by the Corvette “Barroso” in order to verify the performance of subsystems and required tune ups. MANSUP stands for National Surface Anti-Ship Missile. Loosely based in MM-40 Exocet, 5.6 mt long with about 1000 kg weight and an acceleration from 0 to 1000 km/h in less than seven seconds.

This project was initiated 10 years ago in partnership with local companies AVIBRAS, SIATT, OMNISYS and EZUTE Foundation. To whom it was fired has not been disclosed yet or the distance of the target vessel. Some speculate that a ship used earlier this year to test SH-60’s AGM-119 Penguin missiles has been the target for MANSUP’s test.

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