Argentine Marines buy equipment, sights and spares in the U.S.

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According to recently published requirements by contract AR-P-LBP, Argentine Marines look in the United States, using Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program, for individual equipment, machine gun sights and spares.

Multicam Bags, Belts and Harnesses. Spares for M240 machineguns (MAG 58 in Argentine stocks) but the main interest remains for the MGS-M1x sight. This IT&T product has been provided to the SOCOM, USAF, USMC, Army and Navy units. Considered a reliable red dot sight, capable of magnification from 3 to 8X and bullet camera setting. This enables precise engagement in 35 MOA standard up to 800 mts away mounted on a MIL-STD-1913 rail.

This purchase addresses a much delayed need both for spares and upgrades of such machine guns, probably now in the spotlight due to the current Argentine Navy Chief of Staff, a Marine. The quantity of these acquisitions has not yet been disclosed, but is also expected that the same decision is to be replicated in the Argentine Army, also with MAG 58’s in service.

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