Brazil launched its first locally built S-BR submarine

In the afternoon of Dec 14th. Itaguai Construcoes Navais (ICN) launched the first locally built Riachuelo class submarine for the Brazilian Navy. The S-BR project within the PROSUB, submarine construction plan, came to shape after a strategic agreement between Brazil and France more than a decade ago. A new base and shipyard has been built in Itaguai, near the Brazilian nuclear research and development facilities both existing and new, to build 4 diesel electric submarines and one nuclear. DCNS, now Naval Group, was selected thus to provide the basic engineering for both conventional and nuclear projects.

Argentina looks for PT6 engine parts in the U.S.

Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 parts and spares are being looked for EMB-312 Tucano and T-34C-1 training aircraft. These are extensively used both for school and for pilots to maintain their qualifications. They have received a renewed interest considering intents to upgrade their avionics and the possibility to complement them with surplus U.S. Navy aircraft.

Brazilian Institute of Advanced Studies uses 3d printing to build Scramjet engine components

The Hypersonic Aerothermaldynamics (EAH) division of the Institute of Advanced Studies (IEAv) related to Brazilian DCTA, started to use a 3D Fortus 900mc printer from Stratasys, to build laboratory models of hypersonic aeronautical engines. This new tooling provides a saving of approximately 250.000 Reales, around 62.000 dollars in production costs. This printer, which has a cost of 400.000 dollars, has been bought with funding of FINEP in 2015 and started to produce these components in 2016. Israel Rego, Chief of Ground Essays for the EAH, declared that the purpose is to optimize research and development also to speed up the time in updates and adjustments with reduced costs. IEAv currently produces three subsystems of that Scramjet engine for hypersonic wind tunnel tests.

Argentine Marines buy equipment, sights and spares in the U.S.

This purchase addresses a much delayed need both for spares and upgrades of such machine guns, probably now in the spotlight due to the current Argentine Navy Chief of Staff, a Marine. The quantity of these acquisitions has not yet been disclosed, but is also expected that the same decision is to be replicated in the Argentine Army, also with MAG 58’s in service.

New announcements and updates on argentine IA-63 Pampas

President Macri should announce the air force’s request for three more aircraft, two new airframes and one conversion. This decision of continuing converting aircraft has been internally much debated considering the man hours needed for example to rewire the airframe compared to do so in a new airframe, directly affecting the possible output of this new assembly line.

Brazil’s first KC-2 Turbo Trader performs initial engine test run

The conversion and delivery of these aircraft will provide autonomous capabilities of aerial refueling of Navy’s AF-1 Skyhawks. Although much debated considering the recent decommissioning of its sole aircraft carrier A-12 Sao Paulo, these aircraft are to operate in support of the “Atlántico” LHD and its Type 967 Artisan radar.