INVAP delivers its RPA-170M radar for Argentina’s G20 Summit

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Investigacion Aplicada S.E., Argentina’s state owned nuclear and space company has delivered to the Argentine Air Force its new RPA-170M in record time. RPA stands for Argentine Primary Radar and with 170 nautical miles of instrumented range. Originally designated as RAME 2, the second generation of Experimental Medium-range Radar prototype, being the first RAME as prototype and technology demonstrator presented in 2011.

RPA-170M is set to replace aging 3D mobile radars in service both in the Argentine Air Force and Argentine Army, the TPS-43 and TPS-44 respectively. The Argentine Air Force and INVAP already implemented two refits of TPS-43 radars to MTPS-43 standard, M being as modernized. These 40 year old radars were updated with new connectivity and many obsolete or unsupported components were replaced. RPA-170M is a mobile tactical solution that works in direct contact with fixed position RPA’s (also built by INVAP) as stated in the national radar coverage plan, set in 2003. Completely designed and built in Argentina, solid state and includes IFF and Electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) capabilities.

An agreement between the Air Force and INVAP was signed in December 2017 for the provision of this RPA-170M radar, the conversion of a TPS-43 radar to MTPS-43 standard and the update of the MTPS-43 prototype.  Given the upcoming G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, which provided the needed traction for allocation of funds and priority for these deliveries and other equipment. Several contacts for radar exports have been made since 2014 but none of them have closed any deals.

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