Due to lack of funds, Argentine Air Force overhauls and updates its Cessna 182 and Piper PA-28

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Still trying to make ends meet with T-6 Texan II trainer’s installments and payments, the Argentine Air Force has dropped its intentions to replace aging and extended Cessna 182 and Piper PA-28 aircraft. The Air Force’s process of replacement with Piper Seneca and the replacement of written off Aerocommanders with Cessna Grand Caravan is yet to be determined in another time, accordingly to current debs as for the argentine government’s zero deficit fiscal policy.

Therefore, the Air Force is requesting maintenance and functionality courses in the U.S, through its Air Attaché office in Washington D.C. for Continental engines and also it started to upgrade the avionics   with support of local company Redimec in the Area Material Rio Cuarto installations.

Primary Flight Display: GDU1060

Engine Instrument System: GDU 700

Standby: Garmin G5

Nav-Com-GPS: GTN650

Audio Panel: GMA 342

Transponder ADS-B Out: KT74

Com-Nav: GNC 255A

Distance Measuring Equipment: KN62

Digital Clock: M 803

ELT Control

Hour Meter

By these improvements, the Air Force would get a better bang for the buck on the remaining lifecycle of these aircraft by removing obsolete components and therefore a lower operational cost, IFR capable and in full compliance to the current military aviation regulation in Argentina.

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