Argentina orders 4 Textron T-6C Texan II trainers and hopes for a new batch

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Finally, Argentina ordered the last 4 of its first batch of 12 Textron’s T-6C Texan II. While struggling with pending FMS payments, internal restructuring within the Ministry of Defense granted the necessary funds to get the program back in action. Originally intended as C+ versions, argentine Texan II’s are of C version as a setback during FMS negotiation and delays for Argentinean payments.

Having received 8 of 12 intended aircraft, once the fleet is complete, spares and utilities will be provided before converting the C into C+ variant. Among these improvements, Argentine Air Force (FAA), intends to replace the Cobham communications systems to a new version, other than issued. Recently, Argentine Air Force presented the first graduates for Texan II aircraft.

Hopes for a second 12 aircraft batch are in place to completely replace 30+ old EMB-312 Tucano aircraft. These trainers have been now transferred and supporting air policing missions against smugglers and drug traffickers in north east Argentina.

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