Argentina orders 4 Textron T-6C Texan II trainers and hopes for a new batch

Finally, Argentina ordered the
last 4 of its first batch of 12 Textron’s T-6C Texan II. While struggling with
pending FMS payments, internal restructuring within the Ministry of Defense
granted the necessary funds to get the program back in action. Originally intended
as C+ versions, argentine Texan II’s are of C version as a setback during FMS
negotiation and delays for Argentinean payments. Having received 8 of 12 intended
aircraft, once the fleet is complete, spares and utilities will be provided
before converting the C into C+ variant. Among these improvements, Argentine
Air Force (FAA), intends to replace the Cobham communications systems to a new version,
other than issued.

¿are Damen’s SIGMA frigates about to take over Latin America?

Dutch shipbuilder Damen is walking hard in Latin America, about to deliver its first Reformador class frigate to the Mexican Navy and a serious contender in both Brazilian Navy Tamandaré and Colombian Navy PES programs for replacement of Niteroi class and Almirante Padilla class frigates respectively. SIGMA 10514 frigates, reduced in size and displacement but not in performance if the conditions were in place, could replace Peru’s Lupo class frigates and Argentina’s MEKO 360. These 105 meters and a 14 meter beam frigates are cost effective and in a high level of automation alternative. Indonesia and Morocco hold standard versions of these frigates and Mexico ordered a custom improved design with a 2 meter length difference in hold of new equipment and more powerful machinery. Considering the regional particular interest in Reformador class frigates, this article will make an educated guess and comparison with regional requirements and current capabilities.

First brazilian Scorpene to be launched in December

Riachuelo, first Scorpene class submarine of four to be built
in Brazil is set to be launched in December 14th. Three others will
be built in 18 months each until deliveries are completed in 2023. The first Brazilian
nuclear submarine is expected to be finished in 2028. These submarines are based on the French Scorpene submarine by a partnership between Naval Group and the Brazilian Navy. Built in the Itaguai Naval Complex, Rio de Janeiro state.

Naval Group begins construction of OPV’s for Argentine Navy

Naval Group executed the contract to provide four OPV’s for
the Argentine Navy, the agreement was reached on June 22nd, 2018. Funds are being provided and should begin the construction works for the
vessels in the upcoming weeks. Three of these will be of new construction and
one, in this case the L’Adroit prototype, refitted to argentine specs. L’Adroit was privately funded by the former DCNS (now Naval
Group), evaluated and operated by the French Navy from 2011 to 2018. Improvements required by the customer take focus on the propeller shaft and
transmission will be made in Toulon, before delivery to the Argentine Navy.

PZL Mielec delivers the last three S-70i to the Chilean Air Force

PZL Mielec, a subsidiary of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, delivered the final three of six S-70i helicopters build in Poland for the Chilean Air Force (FACh). These aircraft, designated as MH-60M in chilean service, were transported by a AN-124 transport from the Rzeszów airport to the Pudahuel Air Base, near the chilean capital. Their construction numbers are 70- 4016 (SP- YVG), 70- 4017 (SP- YVH) and 70- 420 (SP-YVB). These new Black Hawks are to be part of the 2nd Aviation Brigade in Chile's central region but they're also considered as needed to be deployed in pacific islands as required by C-130 transport. Source

Brazil shortlists four bidders for Tamandare corvette project

The Brazilian Navy has shortlisted four teams to advance to the next phase of the tendering process for the construction of its new Tamandare-class corvettes. The shortlist was originally expected to be announced by August with a final decision on the winning consortium coming two months later. This means the final decision can now be expected to be made by December this year, but the navy did not provide further information on the delay. In a document, released October 15, the navy identified ÁGUAS AZUIS, Damen Saab Tamandaré, FLV and VILLEGAGNON as the four downselected teams.

ÁGUAS AZUIS is composed of Brazil’s ATECH Negócios em Tecnologias S.A and Еmbraer SA, and Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH; Europe-based Damen and Saab have partnered with CONSUB Defesa e Tecnologia S.A to form the Damen Saab Tamandaré consortium; FLV represents an acronym of the three-company team of Fincantieri, Leonardo and Vard. VILLEGAGNON is a consortium spearheaded by France’s Naval Group. The downselect comes ten months after the navy issued a request for proposals for the construction of four Tamandaré-class corvettes in December 2017.

Boeing, Embraer reportedly in talks to take KC-390 production to U.S.

WASHINGTON — Boeing and Brazilian aerospace company Embraer are reportedly discussing the prospect of building an assembly line for Embraer’s KC-390 cargo planes in the United States. According to Brazilian newspaper Valor Economico, which first reported the talks on Oct. 1, and a subsequent Reuters story, the two companies see a U.S. KC-390 plant as part of a larger defense-related joint venture. The discussions on KC-390 follow a July agreement that gave Boeing an 80 percent stake in Embraer’s commercial business, and it was widely speculated that a similar deal on the companies’ defense business hammered out in the coming months would involve greater cooperation with Boeing on KC-390. Jackson Schneider, president and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security, told this July that more information about a Boeing-Embraer tie up on KC-390 could be revealed later this year.

FAB once more tries to auction it’s retired Mirage 2000 fighters

Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has recently put for auction 11 Dassault Mirage 2000 fighters, 3 two seaters Mirage 2000B and 8 single seat Mirage 2000C. With ranging prices for each aircraft not in flying condition from 7.300 and 62.600 USD for a total 508.600 USD for the whole lot. The former French Air Force Mirage 2000's were acquired as stop gap fighters until the FX-2 program for F-5 and Mirage III fighters was determined, with SAAB and the JAS-39E/F as a winner. These second hand fighters operated for more than 10.000 hours between 2006 and late 2013. Source