Is Hungary becoming a new export customer of EMBRAER’s KC-390?

As first appeared almost a month ago, EMBRAER and the Hungarian Air Force’s negotiations would be at an advanced stage. Hungarian sources speculate that upcoming official visit by Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, to Hungary would serve as the scenario to make the announcement. No quantities have been disclosed,
none the less, a recent purchase agreement made by Portugal might serve as
baseline to have an educated guess on how much could this deal mean. Analysts
and experts speculate on the fact that a Boeing backed EMBRAER is making all
the profit and also gladly engaging potential Airbus A-400M and Lockheed Martin
C-130J customers. EMBRAER is to deliver the first
production KC-390 aircraft to the Brazilian Air Force next month.

Colombia aims for 20 twin engine fighters as Kfir COA replacements

As we recently published, an
important push has been made by aerospace manufacturers considering the
Colombian AF’s intention to replace the IAI Kfir COA’s in service. Among the
options that have been publicly recognized are Airbus’s Eurofighter Typhoon,
Lockheed Martin’s F-16V Block 70 and SAAB’s JAS-39 Gripen NG. Defense analyst Erich Saumeth, in talks with colombian congressmen has been confirmed that the focus of the AF is on 20 twin-engine heavyweight multirole fighters. For that purpose, the early list of which we have been reporting about would leave a single contender, the Eurofighter Typhoon. Still, another candidate may be behind the curtain and most likely related both to a specific Colombian interest and another way to reinforce Colombian – U.S. relations, Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet.

Landing incident with an Argentine DHC-6 Twin Otter at Antarctica

An Argentine AF DHC-6 Twin Otter crashed this Wednesday while
landing on a glacier at Ross Island, Antarctica. AF sources indicate that were no casualties although the crew sustained minor injuries. A rescue operation is in place by a Chilean helicopter from President Frei base to pick them up. Unnamed sources indicate that the aircraft did not suffer major damages and a salvage operation will be deployed shortly to recover it.

Uruguayan Defense Minister and a presidential candidate clash over Plane Shoot-down Bill

The Uruguayan Defense Minister, Jose Bayardi, has contested the presidential candidate Luis Lacalle Pou’s proposal to issue a Plane Shoot-Down bill. Bayardi declared that “whoever advised him doesn’t know what it means, or the candidate misunderstood”. During a press conference, this Saturday,
Lacalle Pou insisted on the necessity to issue such a bill and recognized it as
urgent and one of his main interests if elected. “I know it’s a complex bill, we’ve
discussed it nationwide and abroad, it will serve as a deterrence mechanism for
drug trafficking” and further more “in such countries where it has been
implemented, it determines three steps that ultimately rely on an executive
decision by the President of the Republic”. Bayardi replied that such a crazy
argument relates more to an election interest other than actual defense

The Argentine Army is to receive self-propelled artillery, trucks and weapons

There has been some reactivation
on the Argentine Army’s past years plans for various purchases in the U.S., with
particular interest on 36 M109A5 self-propelled howitzers. After a Joint Visit
Inspection, these surplus M109A5 will be or have been refurbished before being transferred
to the Argentine Army as Excess Defense Articles proceedings state. These
self-propelled howitzers were long offered until actual negotiations took place
and moved forward in 2017, as FMS case AR-B-IAS. Most likely these are to
replace the AMX F3 self-propelled howitzers which have been taken out of service
a few years ago. The M109A5 in different versions is also in use by the
Brazilian and Chilean armies.

Could this aircraft be a definitive joint Argentina-Brazil development?

As published by AINOnline, within the LABACE Convention which is taking place in the Congonhas Airport in Brazil, Desaer, a recent company with aeronautical engineers, formerly employed by Embraer and former military presented the ATL-100 light commuter concept. “Created by former Embraer
employees in 2017, Desaer resides at Incubaero, an incubator for start-ups
and new aerospace projects at the Fundação Casimiro Montenegro Filho, one of
the technology development institutes within the DCTA facility at São José dos
Campos. Parented by the Brazilian air force, the DCTA (Departamento de Ciência
e Tecnologia Aeroespacial, department of aerospace science and technology) is
Brazil’s national military research center for aerospace projects and

As for the
ALT-100, a brief was presented that quotes: “To be powered by two turboprops in
the 1,000-shp class, the ATL-100 is an unpressurized transport of high-wing,
T-tailed configuration with low cost of acquisition and operation as key design
drivers. It has a square-section cabin that can be arranged to accommodate 19-passenger
seating in a single row on the left and double row on the right, 12 paratroops,
and two jumpmasters on sidewall tip-up seats, stretchers for the aeromedical
evacuation/air ambulance role, or three LD3 containers. The latter cannot be
accommodated within current utility types such as the Bandeirante, Viking Twin
Otter, Dornier Do 228, or LET 410.

Paraguay received UH-1H helicopters donated by Taiwan

The president Mario Abdo Benítez, the Defense minister, Gral. (SR) Bernardino Soto Estigarribia, and SENAD minister, Arnaldo Giuzzio, were this morning on the reception of donations made by the Republic of China (Taiwan). All 30 vehicles and the 2 helicopters were sent on containers and assembled locally. As taiwanese representatives declared, all have been refurbished to "zero hour". They will be officially presented next August 14th.

Colombia airmen plunge to death wrapped in flag during stunt

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Two members of Colombia's air force plunged to their deaths wrapped in their nation's flag when a cable hanging from a helicopter snapped while they were performing a mid-air stunt Sunday. The accident happened during a parade to mark the traditional Medellin Flower Fair. The city's airport was immediately closed in the aftermath of the accident. Videos circulating on social media show the moment when the two airmen fall to their death. Moments earlier they had been clinging to a metal cable and waving to the crowd below while carrying a giant Colombian flag through the air.

An opportunity for Argentina? The Dominican Republic looks for aircraft and radars.

According to a recent publication, The Dominican Republic is looking for more aircraft and air surveillance radars. Currently the AF holds a roster of 8 EMB-314 Super Tucano which are the spearhead of the DRAF, after the A-37 Dragonfly were taken out of service, they have no jet aircraft left. The main interest and hot spot are the operations of irregular air traffic, related to drug trafficking and smuggling with aircraft with origin in the vicinities of Colombia and/or Venezuela. Air defense roles are based upon information provided by radars integrated in a circuit, installed in the Las Americas and Punta Cana airports. Still, such radars are more related to an air traffic control function other than air surveillance and defense roles.

The FA-50AR begins to take shape between Argentina and South Korea

Weeks after the most recent statements, Argentine and South Korean government officials continue negotiations for the purchase of 10 FA-50 Golden Eagle Lead in Fighter Trainer (LIFT) aircraft, any consideration that Leonardo’s M-346FA might had, now is gone. Amid the lack of more detailed official information from any of both parties, some milestones have been disclosed and to confirm that an actual framework is being agreed upon after the highest level of argentine government has given the "go". Representatives of Argentina and South Korea are agreeing to set up a joint venture to build, develop and support the FA-50AR, presumably between the Fabrica Argentina de Aviones S.A. (FAdeA) and Korea Aerospace Industries. The South Korean Government holds the majority of the shares in KAI. The remaining stock is completed by Hanwha Techwin and the U.S. based, Blackrock Fund, which happened to have also recently opened a branch in Buenos Aires.